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Betting in Pakistan: Legality

Top 10 Betting sites in Pakistan

Let’s start with the fact that betting today is one of the favorite hobbies of Pakistani people. Moreover, gambling in its different forms is very popular worldwide. So, people adore such risky activities a lot not only in Pakistan.

Speaking about Pakistan, it is worth admitting that gambling in all its variations has been prohibited in Pakistan since 1977. However, people found a great alternative – online betting.

Online betting sites in Pakistan

Online betting has become an amazing alternative to ordinary wagering, which is illegal in Pakistan. The thing is that online betting sites can not be regulated by the government of the country, that’s why people may use such international platforms to enjoy their favorite activities.

Furthermore, among different sports for wagering, cricket undoubtedly stands out both in Pakistan and the rest of the world. Online cricket betting is represented in different championships and competitions. Countries organize both local and international events.

Best betting sites in Pakistan: for cricket lovers

Best betting sites in Pakistan: for cricket lovers

Now we are going to inform you more about the most amazing online betting sites for cricket fans according to the Pakistanis’ opinions and our experts’ tests. Thus, we highlighted a few criteria the presence of which helped us define whether the site is good or not:

  • Reliability and legality of the platform;
  • Various sports betting markets (cricket is vital);
  • A reliable support service;
  • Easy navigation;
  • A few variants of a platform: site, app;
  • A generous bonus program;
  • Additional products and options (e.g. casino gaming, a Responsible Gaming feature, and so on).


This online bookmaker is pretty well-known in every Asian country. Pakistanis use the products of this site quite regularly. The company offers casino gaming and sports betting. Furthermore, it has a pleasant green design and a perfect news section, which will beware every visitor of all the latest events both from the sphere of sports and wagering and casino games.

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 10,600 PKR;
  • A large News section;
  • Gaming and wagering;
  • A pleasant design.


1xbet is the very company whose name is everywhere! An advertisement of this brand appears while watching the series, popping into some random sites, and whatnot. That’s why it is so famous. Also, the company has a gigantic choice of sports and events. Here you will find all existing leagues and most of the championships (even some local ones). The odds on them are no less amazing. They all are from 1.5, on average. 

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 69,000 PKR;
  • Odds from 1.5;
  • A gigantic selection of sports;
  • Diverse events.


Betway is an online betting company with a perfect elegant design. It is in black and white colors with the convenient location of buttons and menu. This is one of the reasons why people fall in love with Betway after entering it for the first time. Also, the platform provides different services and products to its clients. Thus, a user may try either casino gaming or sports betting. There are two variants of each of these 2 products: ordinary and live.

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 6,500 PKR;
  • Live gaming and betting;
  • The convenient location of buttons;
  • An elegant design.


This brand is among the top bookies in the global market. Its name, like in the case with 1xbet, is everywhere. It provides plenty of sports to bet on including cricket betting online. There are many events in each sport, especially those of football, cricket, and horse racing – the most universal kinds of sports. A user will benefit from high odds and additional options on the site, for example, a Parimatch blog with all the latest info from the world of sports. Also, there is a function “Live streaming” with the help of which you may watch different sporting matches in real-time.

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 78,600 PKR;
  • Awesome reputation in the global market;
  • A “Live streaming” option;
  • High odds.


Mostbet is available in more than 90 countries besides Pakistan. It is also among the best betting sites in Pakistan. It will suit those who are keen on online cricket betting best because there are enough events in this sport. A person may also bet on soccer, golf, MMA, and many other sports here. Pakistani people, in general, hold a great percentage of all Mostbet’s customers. 

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 65,500 PKR;
  • It is used worldwide;
  • Cricket betting online is possible;
  • Incredible popularity in Pakistan.


This brand is getting pretty popular among Pakistanis and other nations in Asia. Here a user will have a chance to bet on more than 25 sports in the line. It is also possible to wager in a live mode. The company offers casino games in addition to sports betting options. There are different types of them: slots, blackjack, roulette, and whatnot! What about cricket wagering in this company? It supplies its customers with incredible odds on the events of this sport.

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 92,500 PKR;
  • More than 25 sports in the line;
  • Live options;
  • Awesome cricket odds.


Betfair will undoubtedly catch your attention due to its entirely legal and fair work. The brand has licenses in more than 5 countries. Moreover, users often type comments about the reliable and fair work of this betting brand on different sites. In addition, the bookie contains all necessary options for cricket amateurs: ordinary and live bets, beneficial odds, and a large line of events.

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 7,500 PKR by depositing 2,500 PKR;
  • Several licenses;
  • Beneficial cricket odds;
  • Many positive reviews.


The Betwinner platform is also among the top betting sites in Pakistan. It can boast of its well-structured design, which is demonstrated both on the site of the brand and in the app. Thus, even a newbie will search for everything he/she wants without any trouble. Betwinner has enough promos, which can double or even triple the profits of the customers. The main thing is to deposit regularly and check the Promotions tab more often because it is constantly updated. A user may bet on cricket, basketball, hockey, and so on in this bookie.

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 21,000 PKR;
  • A well-structured site and app;
  • Plenty of promos;
  • Diverse sports.


Melbet is in the line of such top world bookies as Parimatch and 1xbet. There are numerous reviews on this company on the Internet, which describe this brand as a magnificent place for bettors, especially cricket bettors. The bookie has a traditional style of a platform, where all sporting events are placed together with the odds. Cricket is represented in numerous championships and leagues. The brand has been used by millions of users for 10 years – it proves the quality of the company’s products.

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 26,500 PKR;
  • A traditional style of the platform that will suit everyone;
  • Diverse cricket championships and leagues;
  • Lots of loyal customers.


22bet is a bookie with a good reputation. It provides various sports for wagering. Cricket is no exception. On the brand’s platform, a user may benefit from various options. For example, 22bet offers many payment options, which are common in Pakistan and other Asian countries. Moreover, the brand provides its activities according to the Curacao license – this means that it is fully legal. All in all, the bookmaker is suitable for cricket amateurs a lot.

Its main pros are:

  • A welcome offer of 26,500 PKR;
  • Many local payment options;
  • A Curacao license;
  • Various sports.

How to join a betting site?

How to join a betting site?

Joining any betting site is a simple and fast process. For this, you have to pass through registration, verification, and enter your profile. Let’s go through this together:

  1. Load the site via the browser. Don’t forget that it must be official, otherwise, you will be scammed;
  2. Search for the Registration/Sign Up button. Click it;
  3. Fill in all the lines with the info about yourself. There may be a few pages with such lines, enter the details to each field carefully;
  4. Confirm your actions.

This was the process of registering. Now we will explain verification to you.

  1. Take a scan/photo of your ID documents. It can be either your passport, driving license, or ID card;
  2. Send this photo/scan to the representatives of the bookie you are applying to;
  3. Wait for 24 hours to get a status Verified.

And finally, you should also know about the process of entering your account (logging into it):

  1. Open the site of the bookmaker company;
  2. Find and tap the Log In/Sign in button;
  3. Type your password as well as username;
  4. Confirm it.

Final Words

This article was dedicated to cricket betting sites, especially popular in Pakistan. The residents of this country are real lovers of wagering, although it is prohibited in the state in its classic offline form. But, as we have noted in the article, Pakistani users may utilize international betting sites that are not regulated by the local government.

In this article, we tried our best to describe to you our top 10 cricket betting sites in Pakistan in detail. Our team checked them properly before adding them to this list, that’s why you can be sure that these platforms are reliable and convenient. If you still have some questions regarding the operation of such sites in Pakistan, you can take a glance at our FAQ section located below.


1. How to find more beneficial odds?

This question is excellent because this can be a real problem for newbies in the betting sphere. While glancing at some bookie, a user may see its average odds and think “Wow, these odds are so high, I will bet on sports only here!” However, it is not correct. The thing is that all bookmakers rate the same events in different ways. Thus, in one bookie, the odds will seem perfect for you but only until you come across another bookmaker with more beneficial odds. So, answering the question, to find more beneficial odds, we advise you to check several bookmaker companies and their odds on the same event and choose the best of them.

2. Can a welcome offer be received several times?

No, this is impossible. A welcome offer, as its name says, is offered to a new customer of a bookmaker. Thus, a person registers, deposits for the first time, and receives his/her first bonus for joining the platform. If a person tries to get this offer twice, his/her attempts will be blocked. The company also can block the main account of this person because of his/her scam toward the bookie. Bear in mind that your ID data is saved during verification, that’s why the system will realize that it is you who tries to register and get the bonus again.

3. Are there any restrictions on registration?

Of course. There are not many of them, nevertheless, they exist. Thus, there are two main rules you should keep in mind:

  • One user can have only one account in the bookie;
  • To register, a person must reach 18 years of age.

4. What is better to use: a betting site or an app?

We can’t say it accurately because all people have diverse preferences. Some people will like sites and others will prefer apps. Decide what is better for you and use it. The only thing we can say is that the apps work faster, that’s why we would recommend them to busy people.

5. How can I avoid scammers?

Use only the official website of the bookmaker companies. Don’t get fooled by “more beneficial offers” from scammers with strange sites, trust only official sources. Also, you may sign up for one of the companies listed in this article if you are afraid of facing a scam.