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Some Interesting Historic Facts

Some Interesting Historic Facts
  • Cricket was first played at England
  • Fazal Mahmood was the first bowler from Pakistan to get 100 test wickets
  • Pakistani player Imran Khan completed his 1000 runs in 1989 playing against India and also Indian batsman Kapil Dev completed his 1000 runs playing against Pakistan in 1989
  • Former captain and team manager Intekhab Alam took his first test wicket on his first test delivery.
  • Previously one over was of 8 balls and last time an over of 8 balls was delivered in Pakistan in 1974
  • In the historical Bangalore test of 1987 (not that played in 2005) Pakistani bowlers Tuseef Ahmad and Iqbal Qasim both took 9 wickets creating a world record.
  • First Ladies cricket match was played between England vs Australia in December 1934.
  • First Match under Flood Lights was played in 1978 at Melbourne.
  • Three stumps were used as wicket in 1800 for the first time.
  • First century of history of cricket was scored in 1817.
  • Boundary (4 runs) was accepted in 1883 for the first time.
  • Sea Mill was the first player in the history of cricket to get run out on 99 runs;
  • Khan Muhammad was the first player to get a test wicket from Pakistan. He took the wicket of Indian Batsman Panj Roy.
  • Imran Khan is known as Hero of Sidney.
  • Fazal Mahmood is known as hero of Oval
  • God fray Evens played for 97 minutes in a test innings but could not score a single run.
  • In 1938, test match was telecasted on Television for the first time.
  • Commentary on Radio for cricket match started in 1930
  • Pakistan played first test in 1952
  • First five day test match was played in 1948. Test matches were of six days in the past
  • Former Indian captain Azhar-ud-Din was the first player to score three centuries in first three test matches he played.
  • Hanif Muhammad is awarded with the title of Little Master