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Pakistan vs India in World Cup Matches

Pakistan vs India in World Cup Matches

Considering ODI cricket, Pakistan has played 121 matches with India. Pakistan won 69 and lost 48. 4 matches ended in draw. This makes 57 percent winning ratio for Pakistan. But we count the matches played between the two rival teams in World Cup, not a single match is won by Pakistan till date. Below is details of the five matches played. India has won all.

Series Played Won Lost Date
Benson & Hedges World Cup (Australia/New Zealand), 1991/92 1 0 1 4-Mar-92
Wills World Cup (India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka), 1995/96 1 0 1 9-Mar-96
ICC World Cup (England/Ireland/Netherlands/Scotland), 1999 1 0 1 8-Jun-99
ICC World Cup (Kenya/South Africa/Zimbabwe), 2002/03 1 0 1 1-Mar-03
ICC Cricket World Cup (Bangladesh/India/Sri Lanka), 2010/11 1 0 1 30-Mar-11

T20 is not very old format of cricket. So far only two matches have been played between India and Pakistan. Both matches were in first T20 World Cup in 2007. One was tied and other won by India making them World champions.

Pakistan and India are going to play against each other shortly. Although Pakistan has always lost to India in World Cup matches, they have better standing at the moment. In warm up match Pakistan has outclassed India just a couple of weeks ago. Pakistan has high morale after stunning performance in first super eight match against New Zealand on Friday. On the other hand India has lost their first match to Australia. But this thing make this match more critical for India to win.

No matter what has been done in past. That is history. Today is a new day and a new game. It requires team work, control on nerves and strong implementation of a proper game plan to defeat the opponent for both teams.

Let’s have fingers crossed and wait for a great performance by both teams.