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Inzamam’s Captaincy Again Under Criticism!

Inzamam's Captaincy Again Under Criticism!

Right from the day Inzamam-ul-Haq has taken charge of captain-ship of Pakistan Cricket team, he has always been under fire for his laziness and defensive stance. By nature he is a cool man and never shows expressions. He is always cool minded irrespective of the conditions of the game.

After 2003 World Cup, Inzi was excluded from team due to his poor performance. He was able to score only 19 runs in that mega event. After about 7 months, he was provided with one chance to prove his ability with bat again when Bangladesh was on Pakistan Tour. Inzi played a carrier saving innings for himself to win the famous Multan Test from Bangladesh. If he had not played such a wonderful innings, he might had disappeared very early from international cricket.

In the Multan test, Captain Rashid Latif was banned for five matches for claiming a false catch. So Inzamam became captain right from the next match. In earlier matches, he was always silent and inactive in field. His natural silence also prevailed the grounds when team was fielding. But to his credit is the biggest thing and that is to unite the team. He has erased any kind of politics from the team. By the passage of time and getting working experience, he has learnt a lot about captainship.

We have seen, on many occasions, big players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sanath Jayasuria, failed to maintain their form after having burden of captaincy. But Inzamam, on the other hand, led his team from front. He probably touched the pinnacle of his form over last three years. Though he is facing injuries and fitness problems but his experience and presence of mind has not let him down.

Watching the captain performing forces all other guys to perform their best and so was the case with Pakistan. That’s why Pakistan has been able to maintain its 2nd position in test ranking and 3rd in ODI ranking released by ICC some days ago.

No doubt when you are having fans around you there are many critics for you as well. Similar is the case with Inzi. He has to face a lot of criticism due to his laziness in field and dressing room. Younis Khan, his vice captain, is an active and excited person and since when he has got this position, Inzi has got more words against him. (Inzamam doesn’t feel any sort of pressure anyway).

Now after 3rd test Inzamam has been facing a lot of fire from media and analysts. The way he used his fielders and bowlers was miserable. Final day of that test was real disaster when he wasn’t looking serious for any sort of fight back.

Pakistan had got chance to save the match if they had played through sensibly. There was a hope from Yousaf and Younis that they might stay at wicket but after their unfortunate and early dismissal it was skipper’s responsibility to fight hard. But he never looked interested nor he instructed his tail players to assist him. The way Shahid Nazir batted in presence of captain was ridiculous. He was going madly after each ball when solid defence was required.

What ever are the short comings of Inzi as leader (there is none as a batsman), he is the greatest player. He would be playing till the next World Cup of 2007 to be played at Caribbean if he doesn’t face any injury. Required thing from him is that he should play selected matches onward.