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Inzamam-Ul-Haq: Story of Arrival to International Cricket

Inzamam-Ul-Haq: Story of Arrival to International Cricket


Inzamam-Ul-Haq was born on March 3, 1970 in Multan after four brothers and a sister. Being youngest in family he was loved by everyone. Apparently he was silent and a sort of lazy boy in childhood. He was not seen playing, making noise like other children of that age. He was an obedient child of his parents. He started offering prayer at a very young age regularly. He was called as ‘Pirzada’ in the school by his class fellows.

Until Inzi got in 5th class, he had no interests other than home and Mosque. But as he grew, he saw that there is one more thing that his father and brothers love to do and that was nothing but cricket. He was a shy boy but playing cricket gave him a lot of confidence. Now Inzamam was more interested in cricket than his studies.

Then Inzamam’s elder brothers decided that Inzamam should play cricket at club-level. Now they got membership of a cricket club for Inzamam. Now Inzamam had got a platform and a cricket kit as well.

In childhood Inzamam had worked to be a spin bowler but circumstances turned him into a world class batsman. When he was in 9th class his approach changed. He started to concentrate on his studies as well. As a result he got good marks in matric and got admission to Government College Lahore now known as Government College University Lahore. He came to Lahore in 1985.

In an under 19 tournament, Inzamam had introduced himself as an all-rounder. During a math, when Inzamam came for batting, seven wickets were down and there was no recognized batsman left. Inzamam punished the bowlers with aggressive shots. Now he was considered to be a reliable all-rounder.


In 1985, Inzamam was selected in Under 19 team. He made two centuries in first two tournaments but could not play all matches in that season. In the end of 1985, he was selected for a first class match to be played in Karachi. Inzi made a century in his first match and got wickets as well. Then he made a century in Lahore as well. He scored his third century in his third match, hence became the only player to score three centuries in first three matches in the history of Pakistan. His third century was against Faisalabad and match was played at Sahiwal.

In the next season Inzamam scored 1200+ runs. He was rightly hopeful to have a place in National team but no one considered him. In his third season he scored 1645 runs. 1649 was the highest score made in a single season in the history of Pakistan. So Inzamam had no doubt achieved a milestone. He had hit six centuries in the season. But he was again ignored by the authorities in spite of his game was better than some senior players. Inzamam was disappointed and wanted to go back to Multan. But Mushtaq Ahmed (a great spinner from Pakistan) convinced him to wait for one more season. Again Inzamam was the top scorer with 1400 runs. He was top scorer for last two years and it was his right to be selected in National Team. But again he was ignored. Inzamam was disappointed and left for Multan.

After some days, he received a phone call from Mushtaq who was angry at him. He informed Inzamam that he has told Imran Khan about Inzamam’s game and Imran wants to see his game. Inzamam was very excited on listening that his ideal personality had called him.

Gaddafi Stadium was not new for Inzi. Imran Khan had arranged a squad of four bowlers consisting of Waqar Younis, Mushtaq Ahmad, Aqib Javed and Iqbal Sikender. In the beginning Inzamam was unable to play any of them and got bowled by Iqbal twice. On request of Mushtaq, Imran talked to Inzamam and said Inzamam! Play in your natural way and prove yourself before me. This gave Inzi a lot of courage and confidence. After that he hit a boundary on the very first ball delivered by Waqar. After that he got the rhythm and played some marvelous strokes. Hence Inzamam was selected for the series against West Indies in Pakistan.

Inzamam scored 48 runs on his debut. Though Pakistan lost the match but Inzamam secured a place in National Team. He completed 1000 runs in one and a half year. Since then he has played a lot of wonderful and match winning innings. He is known as the man of crisis for Pakistan Cricket team. Now in December 2005, He completed his 11000 runs playing against England in Pakistan. People from all around the world have seen him many times playing a match saving and match winning innings when top order is crashed. He comes to Bat at 4th or 5th position. His innings in semi final of world cup 92 against New Zealand and a match winning innings of 100+ runs against Bangladesh in his hometown, Multan, are probably the best ones. He had undoubtedly awesome in World cup 92 semi final match against New Zealand.