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ICC Cricket World Cups: Brief History

ICC Cricket World Cups: Brief History

Here we are going to look into past and particularly highlight the performance of Pakistan in previous World cups.

It was 1970 when a new form of cricket was produced. Third test being played between Australia and England was drawn due to rain which disappointed the spectators. Organizers of the match decided to arrange a fantasy match between the two teams on last day just to entertain the audience. And so the One Day cricket came into being.

Before the advent of One Day cricket, arranging a World Cup was near to impossible and it was difficult to nominate a world Champion of Cricket. After evolution of ODIs, ICC worked over this issue and arranged first Cricket World Cup in 1975. From 13th of this month, 9th Cricket World Cup is going to start in Caribbean. Its for the first time that West Indies is going to host such a mega event of Cricket. 16 Teams are part of this upcoming world cup. 10 of those 16 are regular cricket playing nations while Canada, Scott Land, Ire Land, Holland, Bermuda and Kenya have performed well in ICC trophy and qualified to play World Cup. These Sixteen teams are further divided into four groups.

Here we are going to look into past and particularly highlight the performance of Pakistan in previous World cups.

First World Cup (1975) :

All the test playing nations, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, West Indies and two new cricket playing nations, Sri Lanka and Eastern Africa played this World Cup. These teams were divided in two parts. Pool A consisted of Pakistan, Srilanka, Australia and Westindies while India, New zealand, England and Africa were part of pool B.

Pakistani Team was lead by Asif Iqbal and other players were Majid Khan, Mushtaq Muhammad, Asif Masood, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Waseem Raja, Waseem Bari, Naseer Malik, Serfraz Nawaz, Pervaiz Mir, Zaheer Abbas and Sadiq Muhammad. Pakistan was declared the favorites as all of above mentioned players had vast experience of county cricket and were familiar with British whether except Javed Miandad.

Pakistan defeated Srilanka with 192 runs in their first match but Australia defeated Pakistan with 73 runs limiting chances of Pakistan to play Semi Finals. Most interesting match of this tournament was played at Edgebeston between Pakistan and Westindies. Pakistan had made 266 runs in the first innings. Pakistan was in winning position when West Indies lost 8 wickets at 166 runs. West Indian Wicket Keeper Darek Murray played vital innings and led his team to Semi Finals.

In Semi Finals, West Indies defeated New Zealand with 6 wickets easily. In other Semi final Gerry Gelmore’s devestating bowling (6 for 15) outclassed English batting line up leting Australia defeat them with 6 wickets. On June 12, 1975, in World Cup final, played at Lords, West Indies defeated Australia with 17 runs and became the first world champion of Cricket. West Indian captain, Clive Lide was man of the match for making 102 runs. Fielding of West Indies played very important role in their win as 5 of Autralian Batsmen were runout.

Statistical Analysis of World Cup 1975 produce following results:

  • England defeated India with the biggest margin of 202 runs.
  • Highest total of 334 made by England against India.
  • Lowest total made by Srilanka against West Indies.
  • Glenn Turner of New Zealand made the highest individual total of 171 runs against Africa.
  • Gerry Gilmore got 6 wickets conceeding only 15 runs in one innings.
  • Indian Spinner Bisson Singh Bedi gave only 6 runs in his 12 overs. 8 out of those 12 overs were maiden. This recoed of most economical bowling is still unbeaten.
  • Indian Bowler Kirson Ghavri gave 83 runs in 11 overs. In those days ODIs were of 60 overs and every bowler had option to deliver a maximum of 12 overs.

Pakistan had performed well but they were unable to achieve something in the tournament that had disappointed the cricket lovers from Pakistan. Match between Pakistan and West Indies was declared as the best match of World Cup. From Pakistan’s point of view some records are mentioned below:

  • Zaheer Abbas made highest indivudual total of 97 runs from Pakistan
  • Majid Khan made three fifties (65, 60 and 84)
  • Serfraz Nawaz got 4 wickets of 44 runs against West Indies.
  • Pakistani Star batsman, Javed Miandad started his carrier from this World Cup.

Second World Cup (1979):

After the success of first world cup, second world cup was also played in England. In this event there were also 8 participant teams which were divided in two groups. England, Pakistan, Australia and Canada were in Group 1 and New Zealand, West Indies, India and Srilanka were in Group 2. Pakistani Cricket fans were quite hopeful from team’s performance as they had played well in Pakistan-India test series winning it. But it was unbelieveable for any cricket lover here that successful captain Mushtaq Muhammad was replaced by Asif Iqbal.

Pakistan defeated Canada with 8 wickets and Australia with 89 runs in pool matches. Pakistan was quite unfortunate to lose against England as it forced them to play against West Indies in Semi Finals. Thsi Semi final was full of suspence and worth seeing. Though West Indies won it with 43 runs but they had to fight hard for this victory. Partnership between Majid Khan and Zaheer Abbas was shattered just in time.

England defeated New Zealand with 9 runs in other semi final. So final was to be played between England and West Indies. Richards’ 138 runs and Garners’ superb bowling of 5-38 enabled West Indies to defeat England with 92 runs. Richards was Man of Match this time and Clive was the captain to get the World Cup Trophy for the second time..

Upset of the tournament was occured when Srilankan boys defeated Indian experienced team at Old trafford. This performance became the base for Srilanka to achieve test status afterwards. Stats of Second world cup are mentioned below:

  • Only 2 centuries were scored in thi World Cup
  • Highest total of 293 was made by West Indies at Oval against Pakistan.
  • Canada was bowled out at lowest total of 45 by England at Old Trafford.
  • Vevin Richards scored highest indivudual total of 138 runs against England in final.
  • Australian Allen Got 5 wickets of 21 runs against Canada.
  • Criss Old of England was most economical bowler with 4 wickets and 8 runs in 12 overs. 5 out of 12 overs were maiden.
  • Sarfraz Nawaz gave 72 runs in 12 overs being the most costly bowler of tournament.

Performence of Pakistan was not up to the mark this time. Pakistan could have get a chance to play against New Zealand in semifinal if they had won from England and defeat in that match was probably due to some panic from Sikender Bakht. There were 8 experienced county players in that team but none of them played. Javed Miandad scored zeros in last two matches against England and West Indies. Haroon Rasheed was declared to be responsible for defeat in semifinal due to his slow batting. Majid Khan made two fifties in this World Cup and Asif Iqbal was best bowler from Pakistani side with 4 for 65.

Third World Cup (1983) :

Again it was scheduled in England but this time it was after long discussion as other cricket playing nations did’t want it to be held in England again and again while England was not ready to leave it. All nations agreed that the next world cup will not be held in England. Eight teams were playing this world cup as well and as before these were divided in two groups. Group A consisted of England, Pakistan, New Zealand and Srilanka while West Indies, Australia, India and Zimbabwe were in Group B.

ICC had changed the format in interest of cricket fans and there were arranged more number of matches among the participants. Srilanka had acquired test status in 1982 and Zimbabwe had qualified by winning ICC trophy. Just a matter of coincedence, Pakistan had defeated India in test series just before this World cup as before the 2nd world cup and Pakistani cricket lovers had high hopes from the team. But injury of Imran Khan affected the morale of team in early stages.

Pakistan’s performence was below par in this tournament as well. In the very first match Pakistan made a huge winning total of 338 but in upcoming matches they were struggling. Pakistan could win their second match against New Zealand after having tough time. England defeated Pakistan in both of its matches. It was only better averae that helped Pakistan reach in Semi Finals other wise there was no hope. But there in the semi final, Pakistan again played against West Indies and according to hopes and forecasts Pakistan was defeated by West Indies by 8 wickets.

Matches of other group produced some unexpected results. Biggest upset was defeat of Australia from Zimbabwe at Trent Bridge by 11 runs. Also India defeated West Indies by 34 runs. In Old Trafford Semi Final, India defeated England with 6 wickets and qualified for final for the first time.

Every one was thinking that West Indies will do Hat trick of winning world cup this time but this time Indian name was written on the world cup. Spetators were stunned at unbelieveable Indian Victory. The great West Indian Batsmen failed to do anything in response of 183 runs made by India and whole of West Indian team was out for 140 runs. Mahender Amer Naath was declared man of the match. He took 3 wickets and had scored 38 runs for his team.

Statistical Analysis produces below mentioned results:

  • A total of 8 centuries scored in the worldcup
  • Pakistan made the highest total of 338 runs against Sri Lanka.
  • Australia scored the lowest total of 129 at Chemsford against India.
  • Indian Captain Capil Devscored highest individual total of 175 runs against Zimbabwe
  • Winston of West Indies got 7 wickets of 51 runs against Australia at Hadinglay.
  • Martin Esendin of New Zealand was the most costly bowler. He gave 105 runs against England in 12 overs at Oval.
  • Sri Lankan Soma Chandra De Silva was most economical bowler of an innings. He gave only 11 runs in 12 overs playing against New Zealand.
  • Indian Wicket Keeper, Syed Kirmani made world record by taking 5 catches behind the stumps against Zimbabwe.

Pakistani team again failed to give good performance as usual. Unavailability of Imran Khan made the bowling department too weak though Sarfraz Nawaz and Rashid Khan tried their best to perform. Zaheer Abbas, who was missing his century for last two time, at last made his century against New Zealand. Imran Khan also scored a century against Sri Lanka. Though some players performed invidually but team effort was not there. Abdul Qadir was the biggest find for Pakistan in this World Cup.

Fourth World Cup (1987):

This was the first time that World Cup was held out of England. Pakistan and India hosted it together. Though it was not looking easily feasible due to Indo-Pak relation that such a big event can be held here and also no one was ready accept that World Cup can be played out Of England. But it proved to be a successful one at the end. Stadiums were fully crowded and this envoirment helped cricket be a known game around the globe. Again there were eight teams playing this tournament divided in two groups.

Pool A consists of Australia, India, Zimbabwe and New Zealand while Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka and England were the part of pool B. Being on home grounds, cricket fans had more expectations from team this time. Also Pakistan had defeated India and England just before the World Cup and players were in good form. Start of World cup by Pakistan was ver good according to wishes of cricket viewers. Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka in Haiderabad and won two consecutive matches from England and again defeated Sri Lanka in Faisalabad. Pakistan defeated West Indies at Lahore but could not win at Karachi but after winning 5 matches out of 6, Pakistan had qualified for Semi Final and played against Australia in Lahore.

Australia won the first Semi Final at Lahore from Pakistan by 18 runs. In other Semi Final, England defeated India with 35 runs. On November 8, 1987 Australia defeted their rivals England in Eden Garden Calcutta winning the world cup for the 1st time. More than 70 thousand people watched that match in stadium.

  • 11 centuries were scored in this world cup
  • Australian Jeff Marsh was only batsman to score two centuries.
  • Highest total of 360 was made by West Indies at Karachi against Pakistan.
  • in the above mentioned match at Karachi, two batsmen made centuries for the first time in history of ODI cricket.
  • Sir Viven Richards made the highest individual total of 181 in the Karachi ODI against Pakistan.
  • Sri Lankan De Meel was the most expensive bowler of world cup. He conceeded 97 runs in 10 overs.
  • Lowest team total of this world cup was made by Zimbabwe against India.
  • Australian bowler Macdermit became the best bowler with 5 for 44 in Semi Final against Pakistan
  • Rajer Harper of West Indies proved to be most economical bowler giving only 15 runs in 10 overs against Sri Lanka.
  • Chetan Sherma from India did First Hat Trick of World Cup History. He did it against New Zealand in Nagpur
  • English Batsman Graham Gooch became the top scorer of world cup with 471 runs.
  • Australian Macdermit got 18 wickets and became highest wicket taker.

There were some very interesting matches in this tournament for example:

  • Australia defeated India with 1 run.
  • New Zealand defeated Zimbabwe with 3 runs.
  • Pakistan won from West Indies by 1 wicket. In this over Abdul Qadir had hit a six to Walsh in last over.

Over all performance of Pakistan was much better in this World Cup. Javed Miandad, Saleem Malik and ramiz Raja scored centuries. Imran Khan got 17 and Abdul Qadir got 16 wickets. In Semi Final, probably last over of Saleem Jaffar was a turning point where 18 runs were conceded and Pakistan had lost it by 16 runs. There was a disputed decision of out of Imran Khan as well by Dicky Bird which played some role in defeat. Imran Khan announced his retirement after the worldcup but he had to revert his decision on extreeme pressure of his fans.

Fifth World Cup (1992):

Again out of England, this worldcup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand. A new hing in these matches was colorful dresses of players and use of white ball. South Africa was a new team in this worldcup playing its first Worldcup. Pakistani team had performed well in Sharja cup just before the worldcup so expectations were high as usual.

New Zealand appeared as a powerful team as they defeated world champion Australia y 37 runs. They won all of their initial matches except the last one wher Pakistan defeated them. Performance of South Africa was also impressive.

Start of Worldcup was not good for Pakistan. After loosing matches from West Indies, South Africa, and India Pakistan had to loose only one more match to be out of World Cup. They tried their best to leave the tournament when they were all out on 74 against England. But Pakistan was lucky enough to witness miracle there. Match was ended with no result due to rain and Pakistan got one point at this stage. After that Pakistan started its winning track. After Australia, Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. Even then Pakistan was not in Semi Finals.

After defeating New Zealand in last league match, match between Australia and West Indies was very important for Pakistan. If West Indies had won that match, they had qualified for semi final but they were unfortunate and Pakistan Qualified for semi finals. First Final was played between England and South Africa and second between Pakistan and New Zealand. South Africa who had got help from new rules in match against Pakistan became victim to this rule in Semi Final against England. They were in the winning position when thsi rule came into play due to rain and they were asked to make 22 runs in 1 ball.

New Zealand was thought as favourites for the second semi final for their great performance through out the world cup. Martin Crow played a vital role in their batting and New Zealand given a huge target of 274 to Pakistan and their was a stage when Pakistanis had lost all hope and Kiwis were getting assured about their win against Pakistan. It was no doubt onw and only Inzamam-ul-Haq who changed the result of this game. He was man of match of Semi Final. Despite of having trouble with his tummy, he scored more than 60 runs only in 37 balls. It was no doubt Inzamam’s inclusion to international cricket. Though he could not finish it himself but in the end Moin Khan hit the winning sixer to reach in the final.

Statistical analysis of this worldcup is as given below:

  • A total of 8 centuries were scored including two from Ramiz raja and two from David Bone.
  • Highest team total was 314 scored by Srilanka while chasing a total of 312 made by Zimbabwe
  • 74 was the lowest total scored by Pakistan in this worldcup. But rain had saved Pakistan from loosing this match from England and after this bad performance, Pakistan made a marvellous come back.
  • Highest individual total was made by Ramiz Raja. He scored 119 runs against Newzealand.
  • Best Bowling was done by Chriss Pringle of England against Westindies. He took 4 wickets giving only 11 runs. This was the most economical bowling performance of this World Cup as well.

Imran had left cricket after this success. That was no doubt the best time to leave the game after having done some thing remarkable.

Sixth World Cup (1996):

Sixth world cup was held in sub continent again. Pakistan, india and sri lanka hosted this event simultaneously. This time, twelve teams were particitating in this event. These teams were divided in two groups. Pool A consisted of India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Australia, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Pool B included Pakistan, South Africa, New Zeland, UAE, Holand, and England in it. Kenya, Holand and UAE participated as associate members for the first time in world cup.

Javed Miandad was plying his sixth world cup and hence he became the player to play most number of world cups. Right from the start of this event, there appeared a lot of disputes when Australia and West Indies denied to play in Sri Lanka blaming security risks in Sri Lanka. This caused walk over for Sri Lanka in group matches. Four matches were played in Sri Lanka, fourteen matches, two quarter finals and two semi finals in India and thirteen matches, two quarter finals and final was played in Pakistan. This was first time when quarter finals were introduced. Most number of matches played at one stadium was three and it was Karachi to host these matches.

First upset was occured at Poona where new commer Kenya defeated West Indies by a large margin of 73 runs. Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka were taking the home ground advantage and working hard to perform. Pakistan lost to india in Banglore’s quarter final and india then could not make it in semi final against Sri Lanka. On the other hand, Australia defeated New Zealand in quarter final and reached in final after beating West Indies in semi final. Australia was determined to repeat its success like in 1987. But Sri Lanka played well to beat Australia. More than 40,000 spectators at Qaddafi stadium of Lahore supported Sri Lanka and Sri lankan captain RanaTunga thanked the Pakistani spectators in the end.

As far as records are concerned, this proved to be a memorable event.

  • 15 centuries were scored in this world cup. Sachin Tendulkar scored 2 centuries. Amir Sohail scored the only century from Pakistan.
  • Sri Lanka scored the highest runs in one innings of any one day international match. They did 398 against Kenya. Kenya scored 254 in response and hence it became the highest scoring match of cricket history till that time.
  • Highest individual score in this world cup was 188 made by Gary Kirston against UAE.
  • Best bowling was delivered by Paul String of Zimbabwe against Kenya in Patna. He gave 25 runs getting 5 wickets.
  • Rojer Harper became the most economical bowler of one innings. He gave only 15 runs in his 10 overs against Kenya. He got 4 wickets and delivered 4 maiden overs in his spell.
  • Rashid Latif of Pakistan, Bee Jermoon of New Zealand and Adams of West Indies took 5 victims as wicket keeper behind the stumps.
  • Sachin Tendulkar of India scored 523 runs in this world cup.
  • Aneel Kumble became the top bowler by getting 15 wickets in the world cup.
  • Sanath Jayasuria was declared the player of world cup for his all round performance.
  • Most interesting match of this world cup was probably the semi final played between Australia and West Indies in Mohali. A mistake by West Indian captain made the Australian team winner.
  • Another record was made when a match was stopped and one of the teams were announced winner by match refree Clive Lide. It all happened when Indian crowd burnt some parts of the stadium and thrown bottles and boxes on Sri Lankan players. The Indian crowd had become frustrated and furious when they saw Indian team loosing to Sri Lanka in the semi final.
  • Arvinda DeSilva became the man of the match of final of world cup. He scored a well needed century to get his team on victory stand.

As far as performance of Pakistan is concerned, they played some what better. They performed well in group matches but the defeat from South Africa forced them to play against India in Banglore where 45 runs from Jadeja in last overs proved to be a turning point of that match. Another reason may be Wasim Akram’s quit from this match. He did’t play as he was said to be unfit. Though openers Saeed Anwer and Amir Sohail provided the strong base at start but after dismissal of Amir, batting line of Pakistan just collapsed. One reason of this defeat may be the irresponsible behavior of acting captain Amir Sohail.